Polar Wood Burning Sauna Stove Karhu-007PK

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For Saunas that are 200 to 375 Cubic Feet

  • Wood Burning Heater - No Electricity Necessary
  • Perfect for Remote Locations * Commercial Grade Steel Construction
  • Reinforced Air Guide Plate for Efficient Wood Burning
  • Removable Ash Pan for Easy Cleaning
  • Low surface temperatures
  • Gentle Balanced Heat * Floor Standing with Adjustable Legs
  • 50 lbs Capacity of Finnish Sauna Stones
  • Flue Opening of 4.1 inches
  • Similar to a 7 KW Sauna Heater
  • Selection of Standard Metal Door or High Heat Glass Door
  • Chimney Outlet with Adapter Pipe to Vent Out Top or Backside of Stove Included
  • Dimensions 13"W x 17"D x 24"H
  • Made in Finland
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Polar Wood Burning Sauna Stove Karhu-007PK
Polar Wood Burning Sauna Stove Karhu-007PK

In stock



    Built in Finland by a Factory that Specializes in Manufacturing Wood Burning Sauna Stoves

    This traditional wood burning sauna stove is the heart and soul of true sauna enthusiasts. Made in Riihimäki Finland by a facility specializes only in the manufacturing of commercial of wood burning sauna stoves. Each line of the wood burning sauna stove is precisely made of 8 mm thick, heavy duty steal that will last longer than a lifetime and look as stunning as the day it was purchased.

    Sauna Stove Without Electricity Needed

    The Polar wood burning sauna stove - Karhu-007PK includes a chimney outlet with 6"stainless steel adapter pipe to vent out top or backside of the stove as well as a choice of a standard metal door or our upgraded glass door be able to view the burning wood through the glass. This will deliver a calming, soothing state of relaxation. Perfect for a remote location getaway without electricity. The Polar wood burning sauna stove - Karhu-007PK is designed to power saunas that are 200 to 375 cubic feet.

    Our Most Compact Wood Burning Sauna Stove

    The K-007 is our smallest wood burning sauna stove. The compact size makes this heater ideal for small saunas such as patio saunas, on-boat saunas or other mini-outdoor saunas. Only 13"W x 17"D, this diminutive wood burning sauna stove provides the same soft heat and steam that would be equivalent to a 7 KW electric sauna heater that sauna enthusiasts strive for via the wood burning experience.

    Patented Air Channel System

    The patented air channeling system between the outer shroud and inner firebox allows heated air to efficiently pass through the rock chamber for faster and more even heating of the rocks. This improves steam generation and air circulation in the sauna. As the fire dies down, the firebox walls cool and the air stops rising through the rock compartment and is redirected to the side vents. We call this the “C oanda”effect. The stones retain their heat longer, providing long-lasting comfort while using firewood as efficiently as possible. The incomparably soft heat, lush hiss of steam and relaxing crackle of a wood-fueled fire... even the ritual of tending the fire. It is a heritage sauna enthusiasts have treasured for thousands of years. Captured and reinterpreted for modern living in today’s Polar Sauna wood burning heaters.

    Own The Original Wood Burning Sauna Stove

    Other wood burning sauna stoves do exist but non compare in quality and sheer beauty as this wood burning sauna stove. Built by a factory with over 100 years of wood burning sauna stove manufacturing in Finland. Sold under the name Polar sauna, one of the most recognizable names in the sauna industry and distributed under the umbrella of the parent company American Health Inc.

    More Information
    Max Room Size (in Cu. Ft.) 375
    Control Style Built-In
    Min Room Size (in Cu. Ft.) 200
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